Accounting software OOD.BG is a free platform for electronic invoicing, creatting and editing of primary accounting documents. The software is free to use accounting product, which enables fast and easy documents creation and reliability in their storage. It is convenient and easy to use, adaptable to the business and accounting policies. As an accounting software is a valuable tool for the automation of accounting processes in your company. This includes invoices, debit notes, credit notes, proforma invoices, protocols.

The software is web based, allowing all the users to process and receive documents in real time, to edit them, timely no matter where they are and without requiring any installation. Users have access to over 10 types of reports in PDF and EXCEL.

All details in the accounting documents are synchronized with the latest changes to the Bulgarian legislation and are in compliance with the National Standards for Financial Reports of small and medium enterprises.

The main functional characteristics of include:

  • Free and easily accessible program;
  • Simultaneously work with multiple companies;
  • Synchronized work with data in an unlimited number of periods and years;
  • Generation of various trial balances with different analytical degree;
  • Cancellation;
  • Flexible numbering of documents;
  •  Back up and restoring data;
  • Electronic invoicing;
  • Working with more than one bank accounts;
  • Set of reports for data analisis;
  • Option to automatically extratstion of all date;
  • Export of all dotsuments;
  • Import оf documents from different groups of goods;
  • Nomenclature Import;
  • Various reports availability (on request).
Accounting software OOD.BG