Inventory Management Software

This is the professional software that knows everything about your storehouse, by tracking stocks by goods, facilities and groups. It is suitable for a wide range of firms - commercial companies, shops, markets and warehouses, retail, manufacturing companies, supermarkets, chain stores, accounting houses... Our software is requirement and condition for the success of the companies. They work with many partners, products and documents has to be automated and the access to all available information has to be quickly and easily. Our software makes possible all these resource-intensive processes with just a few clicks and that reduces the costs drastically.

In realization of this software we from "DG Soft" used our extensive experience in implementing similar products, high tech technologies and modern interface. Together with our customers we expand, supplement and modify functions so that they can be the most convenient and useful to the particular company. We are practically moving the storehouse to your monitor and allow you to manage and control it quickly and conveniently. The program is web-based and ensures security and continuous access from any location and device.

The main modules of our storage software include:

  • Multiple counterparties and products addition;

  • Price lists and special prices;

  • Discounts / promotions to special customers;

  • Creation of products / offers with a description, picture; functions;

  • Transfer and tracking of products between the warehouses by serial number;

  • Connection between the remote offices;

  •   Requests to the suppliers with an option for sending notifications;

  • Return of goods;

  • Reports of paid and unpaid payments.







Inventory Management Software