Marketing positioning & IT Consulting

Welcome to the world where Marketing and IT meet!

 Welcome to the category where Marketing and IT meet!

 In an era of high-tech and dynamics strategic, tactical and administrative marketing are not sufficient for the success of the company. And the sooner companies adapt to the new marketing changes to e-marketing, the faster they will achieve their goals.

In our century the new organization forms, the strategic partnerships and networks, are replacing simple market-based transactions and traditional bureaucratic structures. The historical marketing management function, based on the microeconomic maximization paradigm, must be critically examined for its relevance to marketing theory and practice in the 90s. A new generation of marketing will focus on managing strategic partnerships and positioning the company between the stakeholders in the value chain with the aim of delivering superior value to customers. Customer relationships will be seen as the key strategic resource of the business.

The digital revolution has changed the concepts of space, time and volume. The company does not need much space. It can be virtual and available everywhere. Buying- and selling processes become more automated and convenient. The companies are increasingly connected with the customers and between each other. Cyberspace enables start-ups even with limited capital to conquer world markets.


 IT Consulting


The DiGital Software team believes that the customers must take their individual decisions based on informed and analyzed choice . There are many different solutions in the IT world that promise easy achievement of the objectives of the company through optimization and reengineering of the business processes. But the question which system or which software is appropriate for a company can be answered only after a detailed analysis of the activities in this company, the current economic situation in the organization and their development strategies.

Therefore, our task is to provide concrete proposals to the client, getting in his company's situation and through professional consulting services to help him to choose the optimal option for him. We offer fast and quality communication throughout the entire process of the cooperation. 

DiGital Software provides integrated solutions for design, development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems. The company relies on our long professional experience and develops products and technologies from the next generation. The development of custom web based software, the implementation of ERP system, the creation of corporate site or an online store is not a single action activity, but is a result of a survey and analyzes of the business processes, building a rich database and accumulated know how. We share all this knowledge with our customers to complate our common mission to be helpful and to grow together. 

The company offers consulting also in the information security sector, which is a challenge for every institution and becoming more and more complex and necessary.

Our specialists take the role of mediators between the business processes and the technical implementation of the tasks. They are workin on this through analysis, consulting and designing of customized solutions for optimizing the management, the control and the protection of IT infrastructures.

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Marketing positioning & IT Consulting