Human Resource Planning Software

For a big client the "DiGital Software" team developed innovative software for Human Resource Management. We are convinced that the most important resource in the company are the employees. So we paid much attention to the details and the functionality of the software. We optimized the management of the employees, which led to both personal satisfaction and increase thr productivity in the company. The system processes and stores various types of documents, available to the managers at any time. Our software can cover the entire management cycle related to recruitment, assessment, management and development of human capital in the organization.

As a basic module "Employee Data Management " includes:

  • Database for employee information;

  • Employee scheduling

  • Payroll reports, wages;

  • Employee vacation and sick leave management;

  • Medical and detail insurance programs for the employees.

  • Employee certification and awards management;

  • Employee performance evaluations information management.

Optional modules can be:

  • Job opening management;

  • Employee training data management;

  • Payroll management;

  • Documents management;

  • Project Tracking;

  • HR manager reminder;

  • Company information and intranet management.


Human Resource Planning Software