ERP system covers all business processes and offers a wide range of functionalities. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system optimizes the ongoing organizational processes by standardizing and accelerating the activities, consolidates all the available information and offers quick access to the necessary database. Both in big and small companies the work with paper documents is too big. The documents are archived and stored physically. Many companies still create, fill, edit and share documents manually. This is very inefficient, unreliable, expensive and unsustainable. The process of tracking documents is tiring, time consuming and too expensive.

The organization can overcome all these issues by implementing electronic and automated approach to the documents handling. The company can inmplement its own model for the creation, modification, access, review, approval and search for documents. At the same time, the system allows control and timely upgrade in response to constantly changing conditions and market challenges.

E.L.L.I. is a powerful system for managing projects on tasks with stages and sub-stages, archiving, flexible hierarchical structure and clear lines of responsibility and access protection. The product also is adapted for maximum convenience and fast implementation. It has self integrating into the workflow and is constantly ready to reports, management analyzes - all with an innovative graphical interface adapted to work with holographic, multi-touch and other sensory tools and interfaces. The system allows access to all the knowledge of about the company within seconds.

The innovative product E.L.L.I. ERP is a complex multifunctional system for organizing, managing, monitoring and developing business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Innovation in E.L.L.I. ERP ERP solutions in compare of the standard ones are:

  •  Mobile scan and smartcard;
  •  Social environment, intranet;

  •   E-mail Bridge;

  •  Video in business processes;

  •  Safe and healthy working conditions;

  • Handling (wiki style);

  • Reading documents with various terminals;

  •  Communication protocol (API);

  • Personal reports;

  •  User interface;

  •  Online survey / offline editing and synchronization of documents;

  •  Modular structure of the system;

  •   Eco Calculator.

E.L.L.I. ERP is fully integrated with the modern methods of communication, recording and sharing of information, which are the closest to the way people communicate and work:

  • Security system access by user name and password;
  •  Notepad style /  sheets method / fast notes - ELLI ERP uses this ability to record information quickly on a particular item with a single click by automatically capturing an element of text, scaning and connecting it to the concerned modules.
  • Real time flow / wall / list- real-time update tasks;

  • SaaS - Software as a Service - accessibility through a browser on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer;

  • Creation, overview and approvement of documents;

  • The documents have their own unique numbers (codes) and they can be transformed into another type of document;

  • The daily backe up of the documents ensures complete reliability even in adverse changes to the file;

  • Every time when the document is created, reviewed, modified or shared - the necessary notifications are sent to corresponding users;

  • The system is connecting with the working e-mails of the employees and retrieve information. It automatically fulfills the new customers in the database and observs the correspondence about related messages.