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Everything you need to run your business!

Our open and creative approach is fundamental for the success of our common project. We are professionals by creating software to suit your needs!

We are helping your company to meet tomorrow’s digital challenges by creating unique custom (bespoke) software made exactly for you!

The whole process of creation in our software laboratory includes the following steps:

AnalysisPlanningDesignProduct realizationImplementationSupport and Monitoring

1. The first stage includes technical and business analysis and snapshot of the current situation in the company. The professional assessment and SWOT analysis are the necessary basis on which we from "DiGital Software" will create the software product. 

2. The second stage is the precise planning, based of already made qualitative analysis. Planning is a long process and includes the definition of key business objectives and the strategies to be followed and achieved. We pay attention to the details and create a product that corresponds to them.

3. At the design stage we offer creative approaches and techniques to accomplish the pursued aim. we carefully evaluate the options and offer the optimal project for you, paying attention to all specifics of your profile.

4. The realization of the product is the creation of the custom/bespoke software. It is finalizing the concept and creation of the overall product and our professionals make all this possible after detailed consultations.

5. The implementation of new applications and systems requires to pay attention on both human and technical factors in the company. Because of our  extensive experience, we from "DiGital Software" have built a process of integration that ensures smooth and easy implementation of the bespoke software in the company's operations.

6. Stage - Support and Monitoring - Innovations are always related to questions, so our helpful team is always available to give the necessary answers. The support we provide is the most flexible and comprehensive. We will work with your staff to clarify every detail. Monitoring is the key to the successful completion of a project and consists of two steps: a review and analysis of how the purpose of the project complements the overall strategy of the company, and the second stage is a good basis for planning future projects. The assessment process also gives us information on how to enrich our knowledge and to help the company to create the next strategic plans.

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Custom software