ERP & CRM systems

ERP system covers all business processes in the company and offers a wide range of functionalities. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system optimizes the ongoing organizational processes by standardizing and accelerating the activities, consolidating all the available information and offers quick access to the necessary database. The system allows access to all the knowledge of the company within seconds, allows the employees from medium and high level management to become leaders of the processes. They are responsible for the unification and equalization the priorities of the organization, to manage the processes, to remove the barriers between the organizational departments, to monitor and manage the proper performance, to offer and innovate all with a few mouse clicks.

The system is suitable both for startups and for already developed companies. It allows to the managers to monitor all the processes in the company, to highlight easy beneficial activities and to optimize the uncompetitive ones. ERP solution can become the most powerful tool for managers who only with one look can make analysis of the current state of the company or to build a strategic plan for development and immediately see the predictable results.

ERP is already part of our everyday life - a well-functioning business is already impossible without the appropriate software. The system can be defined as a group of standardized modules. They collect and manage all the information in a single database. The centralized database is a powerful tool for doing analysis and receiving information - these analyzes lead to taking preventive action and prevent future errors.

One of the main modules of the system is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This module allows You to manage your company's interaction with the customers, while serving as an internal work-flow system, will help to increase and automate your business, keeping contracts information in just one place. Improving relations with the stakeholders will increase the main results. Other main modules include finance, manufacturing, logistics and human resources. In the system everything is summarized: management of customer orders, management of stocks and supplies, planning production schedules, operational management and dispatching production planning control, costing, handling of complaints, project management, financial accounting, sales and documents.


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ERP & CRM systems